This page is inspired from the movement. So this is a quick overview of the tech I use, which serve me well for my work and hobbies.

Last updated: 21 Sep, 2023

Computing Device

I have a single machine, Macbook Air M1, 2020 with specs as follows:

Desktop Dock

When not using my Macbook as laptop, I doc it to my desk. For this I use the following hardware:

Content consumption

I don’t use mainstream social media for a lot of reasons, but, I still consume content online by subscribing to RSS feeds & I do am a regular reader as well. I used to rely on Kindle paperback for ebooks, but lately switched to iPad altogether for both RSS and ebooks. The iPad has spec as follows:


Usually I keep my working machines clean except with the stuff I need at moment, like course material I might be learning or books I want to add to my bookshelf. However, to dump the digital artifacts I use


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