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I have previously shared my experience with certain web analytics services and my stance on their usage and potential privacy concerns. With that being said, I tend to prefer services that are privacy-friendly and convenient, while also considering the interests of both visitors and site owners.

For the past few months, I have been using GoatCounter on my website. I use it simply to track if there are any new visitors to my site and to see what brings them here (referrer). Having more visitors indicates that more people find my writings helpful or interesting, which motivates me to continue my work on this site.

However, even if there were no new visitors, I would still continue to write and publish content here. I often find myself referencing back to my old posts to recall how I previously did something (e.g., “How I did X”). So, this blog also serves as a documentation tool for me.


Recently a guy from Ramadan Makers - an Indie Makers community, launched this NoCode Web Analytics service called Atribusi.

All it requires to setup is an account on the site, which is free (while I’m writing this post) and click on Add website to generate a <script> tag and paste that into the home page of your website preferably in footer & you are done.

The script will start tracking the site immediately. You can see the real time visitor’s count as well.

These are the site analytics of this site from 1st-21st October. Yep I have Atribusi analytics enabled on this site for almost a month now. It provides following stats:

There is a dedicated section on tracking real time visitors which logs IPs as well. I know that is a potential red flag for some users but I don’t mind it.

Site Analytics of my another side project Courses Searx for last 21 days.

Closing Thoughts

The Atribusi is currently free as it is still in early stages of dev so a paid tier might be around the corner and some features might be paywalled. Until then, I am okay with the service and I also find its interface very much clean and appealing as compared to goatcounter.

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