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I’ve been putting some content over here for a while now but the thought that if somebody is even checking on or not was intruiging me in the hindsight. I belive that is totally humane.

The web is rife with measures to stalk users both online & offline, be it in the form of web analytics, browser fingerprinting or geolocation tracking, the prominent & most intrusive being Google Analytics. These services mine extensive metadata from the users to display targeted Ads. Luckily there are ways to block ‘em out for example using Adblockers like uBO.

Personally I’ve always advocated against any kind of online tracking that violate’s one’s right to privacy. If given a choice between top tier invasive web analytics for free or a paid privacy friendly analytics, I would go for latter without a second guess. Fortunately there exist some privacy friendly alternatives in the market as well, to provdie with insight into the site stats without being invasive. Some of them are:

I have self-hosted Umami in the past and it works great, exactly provides with stats that is useful for the creators. It was only recently I found GoatCounter. Except the graphical charts, It has everything Umami offers - free, open source, privacy friendly, minimal dashboard, self hosted, but most importantly it is extremely easy to setup which makes it the best choice for personal or small side projects.

It took me barely 3 minutes to enable GoatCounter Analytics on this site. You can see it live here, yeah I’m keeping things total transparent :P

Let me know what analytics do you prefer if you are using at all, or what do you think about GoatCounter.

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