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I use Telegram as my primary medium of online communication. I heavily rely on it, whether for its vast, resourceful communities or its features like cloud-based, cross-device sync.

On top of that, bots make it highly extensible and equip users with superpowers. I’m no exception to that experience. In this post, I will be sharing top 3 useful and free Telegram bots that make my life easier.

🤖 Youtube Watcher

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Youtube Watcher - This is one of the few bots that I discovered in the initial days when I onboarded telegram years ago. It watches the Youtube channel and sends a notification: thumbnail with video title, URL & time duration as caption when the new video is out.

Because I don’t consume YT with my Google account logged in so I use this bot to subscribe channels. Total 29 in the list so far. Start the bot and send /help to know how to use it.

🤖 SaveDay AI Bot

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SaveDayAI - SaveDay Bot is an AI based bookmarking bot. First of its kind on Telegram launched in 2023. It can be used to save different types of media like links, images, notes etc.

What is special about this bot is it summarizes Youtube videos for you in the form of bullet points and cards. The cards are useful for revisions like Anki deck.

At the time of writing this post the bot is free but it won’t be for long. They might launch a paid tier this year. You can check the details on their webpage.

🤖 PDF Bot

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PDFBot - PDFBot is a utility bot that offers dozens of features to perform operations related to PDFs, supporting compression, merging, previews, renaming, splitting, and adding watermarks.

Additionally, it can convert plain text messages into PDFs, extract images and text, convert to images, turn webpages and images into PDFs, and enhance handwritten notes images.

Have a favorite Telegram bot that you find incredibly useful or personally use? I’d love to hear about it! Feel free to share your top picks with me.

This is Day 2 of #100DaysToOffload

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