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I started my first personal blog a couple of years ago, in 2020 to be precise. Since then I witnessed many ups & downs with my consistency on maintaining it. For a while I was more into platform hopping. Fast forward to March 2023 I came up with new design & decided to be consistent this time & here we are.

Here is why I think having a personal blog on the web is important:

It is the only little space on the entire web YOU actually own. It is your identity on the web. Having your own blog gives you the complete authorship over the ways you express yourself on the web.

There are no gatekeepers to dictate what you can or cannot share. There is nobody to censor your posts or deactivate your account for violating some damn TOS of a monopoly. Nobody can profit off you or keep you anchored with their manipulative algorithms.

A blog serves as a repository of your thoughts and ideas. It’s a timeless archive that you can refer back to and share with others. Your blog becomes a digital legacy that represents your intellectual journey. Whether you are a professional or creative individual, a blog allows you to craft and showcase your unique brand.

I can’t stress on the idea any further, just buy yourself a domain & start your own blog. If you can’t afford the domain at the moment I’m sure you there are certain platforms that provide users with free subdomain as well.

For example I started blogging with bearblog which is a minimal & privacy focused blogging platform & requires no local setup or a domain. Simply sign up and start blogging right away.

Closing Note

The best time to start a personal blog was 20 years ago and the second best time is now.

If you need help with setup or If you want to share your blog with me feel free to reach out I will be more than glad to subscribe to your feed.

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