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Today Proton officially announced the aliases for free tier users. While I noticed the feature in the web app last week but at that time It allowed me to create only one alias. However today Proton reported that:

You can create up to 10 hide-my-email aliases with the Proton Free plan, or upgrade to Proton Unlimited to create as many as you need.

This is a great step towards a more convenient mail service that will immensely help the users with fighting spam & achieve a minimal mailbox. For instance, whenever you create an account for an online service, you can provide a hide-my-email alias to avoid being tracked or attacked by hackers after a data breach.

I personally confirmed it and the alias do mask the original email address when we reply to any email received on alias, which is a great plus. So far, I have been using aliases to generate burner emails on the go using their browser extension in Firefox.

The addresses don’t hide the original address when we reply back however there is a way around that too. I might write about that in a new post.

If you want to know what aliases are, how to enable them in Proton mail or how they handy they can be, read this blog post from Proton.

To get started, I already generated a new alias for replies on my blog.

[email protected]

This is Day 22 of #100DaysToOffload

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