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This is a response to garrit’s post on Positive Hacker News RSS Feed.

So Garrit have come up with an alternative RSS feed for HackerNews that selectively presents stories that have a positive sentiment making news less stressful.

I personally spend more time browsing news on when I feel like it besides my RSS feed. I avoid HackerNews primarily because of its overwhelmingly frequent updates.

To follow up with trending topics on HN, I listen to HackerNews Recap before my bedtime which summarizes the top 10 posts on HackerNews everyday.

I have subscribed to garrit’s Positive HackerNews RSS Feed for now hoping it might help me to select few more good picks from HN than just top 10.

Do you consume HN feed? How and What are your challenges with it? I would like to know your thoughts. Feel free to reach out.

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