Site Shifted to Cloudflare

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Until the present day, this website has been hosted by Netlify, a renowned provider of free static site hosting services. It is widely recognized in the industry as one of the best options available. I had setup custom domain to get my site pointed to So far it has been working like charm & still hosts some of my side projects.

It didn’t bothered me until I started adding subdomains, which have increased to 5 by now. As my no of DNS records increased, the management started feeling dull. I’m convinced that is because of minimalistic DNS management console provided by Netlify.

I’ve been using Cloudflare for last three years and let me tell you I’ve found nothing that is even close to what Cloudflare is capable of. It takes care of the CDN, analytics even in free tier, firewall rules, redirection, routing with advanced DNS management console.

Protection against DDoS attacks and filter traffic on the basis of region or IP, real time traffic logging etc, these features alone are enough to make me ditch any other alternative. So I settled with shifting the site to Cloudflare Pages & I already feel improvement in site performance, mainly the reduction in site loading time.

Well, that is not the end. I’m thinking about establishing a custom email on the same domain, which I will get done in upcoming week or so (InSha Allah).

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