My MacOS Launchpad 2023

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As we approach the end of this year, it’s that time again to take a step back and share a bit of my digital world with you all.

So, let’s take a peek at my launchpad and explore what’s been residing on my digital dashboard this year.

S1 S2 S3


What is the first app you open in the morning?

It is either a Web browser or Telegram.

What is an app you can’t live without?

That might be an exaggeration, but if there’s any app I can’t live without, it is Telegram.

Is there a game app you play during breaks or in your free time?

I installed Asphalt 8 on my Mac for a few months but eventually removed it. Later, I discovered T3 Arena on my iPad, which I play during breaks.

What is the most recent app you’ve downloaded, and why?

Orion Browser both on Mac & iPad. It is snappy, has zero telemetry & features an in built ad-blocker which does the 90% job of the uBlock origin. I even replaced Ad-free Sideloaded Youtube App on iPad with Orion.

What is the most fun or entertaining app you’ve discovered recently?

LinkLiar2 - intuitive macOS status menu application written in Swift to help users spoof the MAC addresses of Wi-Fi and Ethernet interfaces. It is free open-source.

Which app helps you stay connected with friends and family the most?

98% Telegram & 2% Email

Which app do you use to relax or unwind after a busy day?

Books, Podcasts

What’s the phone you currently have?

I own a basic Android phone, the Redmi 6A, which I solely use for carrying out banking transactions - the only reason I still need a smartphone. I keep it in Airplane mode 247, with zero calls in or out.

Do you prefer light mode or dark mode?

Hands down Dark Mode

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