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My Blogroll

Blogrolls are nothing fancy, they are a retro and radically simple concept:

They’re a list of links on a blog to other blogs.

Most bloggers use them to refer readers to their favorite blogs. Some use blogrolls to promote one another, i.e. “You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.” It is like bio chain I have seen some peeps establishing on Telegram.

Bio chain goes like this: A user mentions username of his friend in his bio which directs to that user, and that user quotes the username of his another friend & the chain keeps going on. The username could be of certain channel as well & users sometimes mention multiple usernames in their bio. It is either for fun or simply to get discovered.

So Blogrolls are simply chain of your favorite blogs, if that simplifies it. Many link to other blogs that write about the same things they do, which is not a rule duh. They could be just a few links or a billion of ’em.

Blogrolls were quite popular back in the day when it was the only way to discover new sites on the retro web. Back then search engines were not even a thing.

Why keep a blogroll?

They’re a great way to cross-promote each other and to alert your readers to other cool blogs like yours out there. Often blogrolls are the only way folks find blogs because search engines today are not friendly to small blogs (by shoving ’em where the sun don’t shine).

You can find my blogroll at

If you also maintain blogroll on your site, do shoot the link to my mailbox. Personally I cherish looking over blogrolls — I’m often delighted with what I come across on my browsing adventures thanks to friendly bloggers pointing the way.

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