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Have you ever found yourself scouring the web for courses, only to end up frustrated by the limited options or high price tags? Well, I almost fixed that for you. So here is how the journey began.

After finishing my Fajr prayer, I began exploring open directories and indexes on the internet. The thought of creating a custom search engine to display free downloads links of premium courses suddenly popped into my head. I immediately launched VSCodium, my favorite code editor, followed by Figma, my go-to design aide, and began implementing my idea.

Having identified several websites where I could download free courses, I injected them into my custom search engine “cse furnace” and quickly generated a script. Then, I was ready to write boilerplate & the stylesheet. Not gonna lie, I also employed chatGPT to write a basic format for a media query because I wasn’t sure about break points.

Well, In less than an hour, the custom search engine was up and running, and soon to be available to all. I named it Course Searx, inspired from a privacy-respecting actual search engine Searx and hosted it on Netlify. CourseSearx serves to provide an easily-accessible resource where users can find free, premium courses. I hope this site proves to be useful to all those who use it.

You can find Course Searx at Please feel free to reach out with any feedback as it is greatly appreciated, may be some sites you know for downloading premium courses for free.

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