Downloading large files from google drive

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If you have downloaded large files from google drive directly via browser, odds are you often got your download cancelled in the middle or so and even worse you weren’t even able to resume it. What a bad day that sounds! Nah xD. Alright, the solution is gdown, a CLI utility to tackle exactly this issue.

Ingredients required

  1. Install gdown using pip. pip install gdown
  2. Say I have a public file on gdrive, namely [Forza Horizon 4 RePack.iso](), the download link of which is something like

    Note the id parameter in the URL and download suffix at the end.

  3. Now comes the downloading part.

  4. Using URL


    It downloads your file with default name into your current working directory.

  5. Using file id

    gdown 1-Ok4THxUTAKTw6Dp9nZU2QZ70GZVIWn

    Same as above

  6. With new file name

    gdown 1-Ok4THxUTAKTw6Dp9nZU2QZ70GZVIWn -O Forza-Horizon-4.iso

    This downloads your file with custom name.

  7. Downloading a folder

    gdown 1-Ok4THxUTAKTw6Dp9nZU2QZ70GZVIWn -O /path/to/dir --folder

    This downloads your gdrive folder at a desired location in your machine.

Lastly, remember gdown --help is always at your disposal ;)

That is pretty much about it. If you found it useful consider sharing with friends & toast this post. Thanks for taking time to read this :)

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