December 2023 Wallpapers

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Could there be a better way to welcome the new month than with a collection of desktop wallpapers?

The winter is almost here and Smashing Magazine have got us some great wallpapers for December 2023.

You can find the complete Cold Days, Shining Wallpapers Collection here.

They’ve got walls for different screen resolutions and certain variants with calendar as well but I prefer them without. I had this great wallpaper set for the entire month of November which really suits my desk environment.

November Wallpaper

It was also from the SM’s November Collection

☃️ December Picks

Here are my favorite picks for this month:

Dear Moon

December Wallpaper


Winter Garphee

Wish the watermark wasn’t that bright….


Getting Hygge

This could have been more vibrant with enough flames 🔥 for winter


Silver Winter


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