Blogging in 2023

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I started blogging back in March 2023, again, when I was done with the redesign of website – with high hopes to write consistently. I didn’t keep the archive of old posts except a few because they were scattered across different blogging platforms I was hopping between.

It was absolutely out of the idea to own a little personal space on the gigantic web where I can share my thoughts, learnings, talk about stuff that interests me. I see a personal site as something where I can steer it at my will and talk about things without worrying about somebody profiting off (monetarily) my words or bombarding me with ads.

The Big Tech being big tech I even had to put guards at defence hoping to block their invasive crawlers. Don’t ask me if it even works - my site got de-indexed by search engines for having it up.

Anyways, I wrote 84 posts in 2023, which is a pretty big number for me.

So when I started in March even four posts a month was win for me, i.e, one post every one week. That sounded doable to me. However next month in April I doubled that number upto eight which made me realize that I can do more and gradually I started to average on 8 posts a month.

Challenge for 2024

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Well, for this year, I am taking up the 100DaysToOffload challenge. Life is uncertain & I can’t be so sure about my progress this year so this challenge will be another motivation for me to sticking to writing.

Hope this year turns out more productive & full of joy for everyone. Wish me luck 🤞🏼

This is Day 1 of #100DaysToOffload

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