7 Things This Week - #6

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A weekly list of interesting things I found on the internet, supposed to be posted on Monday’s

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  1. Starting this issue with Satire by heyokyay.com

  2. If you also admire the idea of digital gardens, checkout this ranked list of 91 awesome open source digital gardens. I have also setup mine at wiki.cosmicqbit.dev which I come back to populate with new plants regularly.

  3. Whenever I feel like generating images using AI I primarily rely on playgroundai.com. You can use it without signing up by directly utilizing the top search bar. You get 500 free images / day in free tier & results are pretty good.

  4. I have bookmarked this small story on Honesty for a while that brings back faith in humanity. I meant it.

  5. Mozilla introduced Mozilla Monitor Plus which scans data breaches to see if your data has been leaked and give you steps to fix it. It also helps to automatically remove your personal information from data broker sites under paid tier.

  6. If you ever land into a situation where you need to remove folders that have already been commited and pushed, here is how to achieve that. #GitThingie

  7. Twine - a new FOSS RSS reader was released this week made available for both Android & iOS. I gave it a shot for a day.

  8. Google killed the cached web feature from its search results this week, outraging many users. I have always found web archive my go to station so no grudges held. Besides I’m a 🦆🦆Go user.

This is Day 13 of #100DaysToOffload

Thanks for reading this issue of 7 Things originally inspired from Jarrod. If you enjoyed these links or have something neat to share, please let me know.

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