7 Things This Week #5

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A weekly list of interesting things I found on the internet, posted on Monday’s

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  1. If you are planning for your next project find the perfect domain at gemdomains.co. It is a free search engine for expired domains.

  2. Storyteller - A self-hosted platform for automatically syncing ebooks and audiobooks. Definitely worth a try if you are into self-hosting & ofc books.

  3. Check into this collection of There’s nothing more human than by Ali Reza. I confirm to many of those besides “Smelling book pages” 🙋🏼

  4. How copy protection (DRM) on e-books harms our freedom and what to do about it. DRM is definitely flawed technology to begin with, it should not be surprising that it has been reverse engineered and broken. I am definitely interested into this one so bookmarking here as well.

  5. I came across Tart in a TLDR Newsletter today. Tart is a virtualization toolset to build, run and manage macOS and Linux virtual machines on Apple Silicon. I have been using UTM & OrbStack so far but I will give it a try & share my review.

  6. Today I learned Normalisation of deviance. It is the process where what was unacceptable gradually becomes acceptable over time in the absence of failures. Can spot many such types that were once unacceptable but not anymore.

  7. A Practical Guide To Design For Children - I find such guides very rare on the web.

This is Day 9 of #100DaysToOffload

Thanks for reading this issue of ‘7 Things’ originally inspired from Jarrod. If you enjoyed these links or have something neat to share, please let me know.

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