7 Things This Week #3

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A weekly list of interesting things I found on the internet, posted on Mondays

  1. Arc - The Productivity Browser is coming for Windows. The beta got announced just today. You can join the waitlist.
  2. Many of us spend our days typing, but do we really pause to consider what that feels like in our body? This experience is an opportunity to do just that. Check out Keyboardyoga.
  3. I don’t remember where I picked up this one but here is a decade old career advice still relevant today. References from a case study to justify how our professions can shape us without us realising it beforehand.
  4. If you struggle with sharing files between Apple devices & others like Android or Windows, you should check out Localsend. It is balzing fast, free & open source app to share files across nearby devices.
  5. Somebody on the reddit crunched 1200+ authors’ favorite reads of 2023. And from Terence Eden, Every Book I Read This Year. I might share my list in upcoming days.
  6. I have been helping a startup with branding lately & got a recommendation from a guy to read into The Brand Gap. A really good resource to get an overview.
  7. So there is a word for pedestrian turned zombie walker, it is called Phone Zombie because they’re busy staring at their phone.

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Closing with a Persian Proverb:

If you don’t crack the shell, you can’t eat the nut

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