September 2023 in Review

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Now that September is over it’s time to take a look back at the past month.

Starting with my academics, our semester exams were scheduled for last week of September so I spent the last ten days on preparations mostly. The classwork was halted at the onset of the month so I didn’t went to college either.

I started my prep few days prior the due date. The regular group voice chats on telegram with friends helped us immensely in exams as we got the chance to learn by Feynman’s Technqiue.

The exams went well overall and this (probably) marks the end of my academic journey, with few fomalities left over – final year project being one of them.

👨‍💻 Development

In the first week, I started working on a Project. The goal was to set up a complete CI/CD pipeline on AWS using tools such as Terraform, Git, Jenkins, Maven, SonarQube, Artifactory, Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, Prometheus, and Grafana.

As I was gradually working on the project, I had a couple of EC2 instances spun up. However, I soon realized that I had exceeded my free tier usage in August, resulting in charges that made me uncomfortable. Unfortunately, due to these unexpected expenses, I had to drop the project when I was only 40% of the way through.

I had the Doosra number in the past for a few years, but I discontinued it last year. I recently signed up for a new AWS account to claim the free tier using my new Doosra/virtual number. I specifically opted for this number to sign up on random websites online once again.

That being said, I will complete the project with my new free-tier eligible account this week. AWS offers 750 hours of uptime monthly for any EC2 instance, so that will suffice for me.

📝 Writing

Here are the blog posts I wrote in the month of September:

📚 Read

🍿 Watched

It documents, how a brave journalist continues to do justice with his profession, exposes the sold out media and tells the story of people despite all the odds. Talk on YT

💻 Courses

The courses I took in the past month:

A new section. Here I want to share some links I’ve curated up this last month that I found interseting. Have a look!

🏓 Games

I checked onto this new game on iPad – T3 Arena, also availble on Android. It is an online shooting game, with stunning graphics. There are different modes in the game – Team Vs Team, Free for All, Crystal Assault & so on.

There is an option to choose to between real human opponents & bot players. The bots are useful when the matchmaking with real human players takes too long. I haven’t played any shooting games in years (not even well know BGMI), but I couldn’t help with this one because of its vivid graphics.

✍🏻 Final Thoughts

I am happy that I manage to constantly learn new things & stay in exposure of books, great people & other media of knowledge. There are lot of things I’m inconsistent with and that I haven’t started yet or have left unfinished. Regardless, I think it is alright as long I’m headed in the right direction.

Peace out ✌🏻

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